About this Project

Description of Roundtable at 2012 SCA Meetings in Providence, Rhode Island (May, 2012) Click here for info about Meetings

The Society for Cultural Anthropology and the Journal of Cultural Anthropology were founded to create space for new forms of collaboration, thinking, and expression within the discipline, and in the humanities more broadly.   To support this, and keep pace with new developments, it is important to revisit and update the way scholarly contributions are evaluated. In so doing, the journal and society will be able to actively encourage experimentation, new modes of work, and outreach to new audiences.   The proposed session is organized as a response to this need and its challenges.

We propose a 2-hour session that will map and assess the need for new ways of evaluating alternative forms of scholarly work and what “counts” as scholarly productivity.   The session will have four sections. In the first, we will map the kinds of work underway today that are hard to account for with conventional metrics.  In the second, we will review alternative ways of assessing scholarly work, drawing on examples from the sciences as well as in the humanities.  In the third section, we will consider ways to promote recognition of new modes of evaluation – through Society prizes, for example.  In a final section, we will work toward a draft statement to put before the SCA Board and membership.  Materials supporting all four of these sections will be posted online in advance of the May meeting, making space for advanced commentary and deliberation.